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Liberty Caravans & Camp Trailers

-- Our Philosophy --

Why have 2 Caravans?

Many people currently own two caravans in SA, one for bush camping and one for December down at the coast.

But why go through all the trouble if one caravan can cover it all, and why should bush camping be rough?

When camping in the bush the focus should be on the beauty of nature and not on survival, so hook up and make life more comfortable no matter where you are.

Caravan Models

On the caravan side we have 3 models planned.

Inspired by an Australian design  we decided to start with the bigger 5,6m option because it’s just so much different than other caravans available in SA at the moment.

For the construction we have opted on an aluminum frame covered with 1,6mm glass fiber on the inside and outside.

Although this increase weight, it gives the caravan increased durability and a cool crisp modern look on the inside.

Gone are the days of wood rot, floral printed curtains and benches, not to mention the benefit of no hail damage.

The All New Cruiser Caravan

Inside The Cruiser Caravan

The floor plan of the Caravan and the luxurious interior.

Our Trailers

We are almost ready with 4 different camp trailer options varying in size.

All have tents on top, kitchens and pullout fridges.

Manufactured in steel and with powder coated paint finishes.

Currently Under Construction

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