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-- Our Philosophy --

Why have 2 Caravans?

Many people currently own two caravans in SA, one for bush camping and one for December down at the coast.

But why go through all the trouble if one caravan can cover it all, and why should bush camping be rough?

When camping in the bush the focus should be on the beauty of nature and not on survival, so hook up and make life more comfortable no matter where you are.

Caravan Models

On the caravan side we have 2 models planned for now, a large 5.6m and a smaller 3.8m unit.

Inspired by an Australian design we decided to start with the bigger 5.6 m option because it’s just so much different than other caravans available in SA at the moment.

From the bottom up the Cruiser is fitted with two 2 Ton axles fixed to our own in-house design Ladder frame steel chassis rated to 3.5 Tons. This is running on 16 inch off road rated aluminium rims and Grandtrek Mud terrain tires for extra load capabilities and strength when the going gets though.

For the construction we have opted on an aluminium frame, laminated between two 1.6 mm fiberglass sheets. Although this increases the total weight, it gives the caravan maximum durability, hail damage has not only become a thing of the past but so has the days of floral printed curtains and benches, and in with the cool crisp modern look.

On the outside we have opted for black stone chip all around on the lower body of the caravan, this is not just for looks, but for real life wear and tear where many bush caravans have to endure hardship of grinding and scraping threw bush trails and dense vegetation, this is where the stone chip will help protect the caravan for many years to come.

Some Standard Features

  • A 110L water tank supplying commercial grade taps with pressurised water threw out, even to the gas geyser.
  • Our showers are lined with aluminium sheeting and not like many others with fiberglass panels that are doomed to crack and leak. 
  • The plumbing system also allows for direct water supply to the built in toilet, not like some units that need to be hand filled, ours does it for you.
  • On the electrical side there are 220v and 12v plugs fitted, and all the lighting is 12v, so if there is no main power supply the Cruiser will still run all the interior and exterior lights and 12v plugs from its power pack. 
  • This system also has a built in two stage charger unit to ensure good power supply, and it will automatically switch from 220v to 12v without a blink if there is a disruption to its main power supply.

The All New Cruiser Caravan

Inside The Cruiser Caravan

The floor plan of the Caravan and the luxurious interior.

Our Trailers

We have 2 different trailer options varying in size and height.

Our standard construction is 1.2mm mild steel sheeting that has been cut, bent and powder coated for durability.

These are also designed with steel chassis and 1.5 ton braked Axles running on 15 inch black steel rims.

Also fitted are 50l water tanks, a solar ready power pack feeding the 220v and 12v plugs and led lighting both inside and out. This system has a built-in two stage charger to ensure constant power, and also switches from 220v to 12v seamlessly when there is a disruption to its main power supply.

On the inside you will find nonslip carpets to ensure crates and other goods does not slide around when traveling. The fridge slides are all fitted with telescopic ball bearing runners, for ease of use, and opening hatches and doors allow you access to every possible nook to pack those camping essentials. Our large tents are custom made to ensure ease of use when setting up camp as the structure is assisted by gas lifts and no heavy lifting or pulling is needed.

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